Frequently Asked Questions
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Does iBird Need WiFi?
Don't I Need an Internet Connection to Use iBird?
No. iBird has all the data it needs in the application and you never need a connection to the internet to use it. You do need the internet to use the Flickr and Birdipedia features, but these are not critical to the operation of the app. Because iBird is self-contained it takes significant time to download and install. We recommend you install iBird by connecting your iPod Touch or iPhone directly to your computer, purchase the app in the iTunes store. iTunes will then download and sync iBird to your attached device.
Favorites and Notes
Where are the Favorites and Notes feature?
Did you realize that the buttons on the species page can slide left and right? Use your finger to gently "swipe" the two rows of buttons at the bottom of the species page to the left to reveal additional buttons on the right.
How do I use the Favorites feature?
When on a species page slide the buttons to the left until you see the star Favorites icon in the top row. Tap the button with the star icon. The start will go from empty to filled. Now this bird will appear in your Favorites list which you can access from the task bar at the bottom of the srcreen. To remove a favorite just tap the star button again and the star will become unfilled and removed from the Favorites list.
How do I use the Notes feature?
When on a species page slide the buttons to the left unti you see the Notes icon in the top row. Tap the botton with the Notes icon to access the Notes screen. If you do not see a keyboard tap in the white area of the screen which will pop it up. To enter the date of a sighting tap the Insert Date and Time button. Type your note using the keyboard. When you are finished tap the Save icon to save the Note. The Note will then remain attached to the species you selected. Tap the Back button to return to the species page. Tap the Email All Notes button to send all your notes to any email account.
How do I Backup and Restore my Notes and Favorites?
Tap the More icon at the bottom of the screen. Then tap the Settings menu item. To save your current notes and favorites tap the button "Backup Favorites and Notes Data". To restore previously saved notes and favorites tap the button "Restore Favorites and Notes Data".
Upgrading iBird
What are the Differences Between iBird Plus and PRO?
IBird PRO has many more search features than iBird Plus. To see a comprehensive list go to this link.
What is the Upgrade Method to go from iBird Plus to iBird PRO?
To upgrade from iBird Plus to iBird PRO you "unlock" the features of PRO that are already in Plus. You do not download iBird PRO. Its similar to when you buy a new game level for a game you own; the icon of the game stays the same and only the contents change. This is the only way that the Apple iPhone and iPod touch allows upgrades. Therefore your icon will not change to PRO but will remain Plus. A "home" screen is provided that allows you to open any version of iBird and also buy any future iBird products.
How do I Actually Upgrade from iBird Plus to iBird PRO?
To upgrade from iBird Plus to iBird PRO tap the Home icon on the upper left of the Browse screen. This will take you to a page where you can "unlock" the PRO features. If you have not already purchased iBird PRO you will see an icon for it with a green $ symbol "badge" on it. The badge is like a notification you have seen on other iPhone apps.
Can I Update Any App to PRO?
No you can only upgrade the features of iBird Plus to PRO. We do not plan to introduce this procedure to our other apps.
Sound Problems
I Can't Hear Any Bird Sounds
If you can hear a song in iTunes you should be able to hear the sounds. If you can't first check that your speaker is turned ON. In the iPhone there is small mute switch on the upper left side. It should NOT be set to red, as that means the speaker is muted. Next check your volume is up. On the iPhone and most 2nd generation iPod touches there is a narrow black button under the mute switch, push the top half to increase the volume, push the bottom half to lower it. On the iPod touch older models there is no hardware volume control - press the "home" button twice to bring up the software audio slider.

Next check in Settings->Sounds that your Ring volume is set to maximum so the sounds will be at there loudest. When you move the ring volume control you should hear the ringtone you have selected. If you don't something is wrong with your device.

If none of these solutions work try soft rebooting your device (hold down the home button and the screen button at the top of the device at the same time until a reset slider appears). Reset the phone then press the screen button to restart it. If this does not help the last resort is to reinstall the iBird application. Delete it from the phone and then sync the phone to iTunes and reinstall it.
Reinstalling iBird
Can I Reinstall iBird for no Charge?
If you have purchased iBird from iTunes (via the phone or your computer) Apple remembers the purhase information on their servers. As ;ong as you are installing iBird on the same account you used to buy it (e.g. the user name is the same) you can reinstall iBird and will not be charged. The process seems counter intuitive because you must tap the Buy button to start the reinstall. After a few seconds the iPhone or iTunes will present a message that says you have already purcahsed the app and asks if you wish to download it again.
How do I Reinstall iBird?
Delete iBird from your iPhone or IPod touch by holding down on its icon until all the icons on the screen "jiggle". Tap on the red "X" in the upper right corner of the iBird icon.

Delete iBird from iTunes by going to the iTunes Application screen. Find the iBird icon, right click on it and select Delete.

Attach your device to your computer. Its okay if iTunes syncs just let it finish. Now go to the iTunes store and find the version of iBird you purchased. Click the "Buy" button again. Don't worry Apple knows that you already bought it and will display a message "You already own this application and it will be downloaded with no charge."

Wait until iBird is completely downloaded to your iTunes. Click on the device name in your menu and then click on the Application tab of the screen. Make sure you see your iBird app in the list and its checkbox is checked.

Click the Sync button. iTunes will sync the iBird app to your phone. Its a slow process so be patient. When complete you have a new version of iBird on your phone. Its icon may not be where it was before but it will be on one of your screens.
When I tap the iBird icon Nothing Happens
This will occur if your device is not updated to OS 3. The product page for iBird clearly states that its only compatible with OS 3 but unfortunately not everyone sees it and the app store will allow you to download apps even though your OS needs to be updated to run them! To update your iPhone or iPod touch to the most recent OS first make sure your device is connected to your computer and iTunes recognises it. Then go to the menu called iTunes. Select the tiem Check for Updates. Then follow the instructions for updating iTunes and your device. When you are done iBird will work.
Identify Birds by Song
Can iBird Ientify Birds by listening to Their Songs?
This is a very cool idea and we get asked it about it all the time. There are a few apps that identify songs on the radio by hold the iPhone in front of the speaker so it seems only natural to imagine the same could be done for bird calls. But there are some issues that make it very difficult. The exis ting apps that identify music take advantage of a large digital library of music stored on servers that can be compared to the sounds received by the iPhone microphone.

Since digital music is like a finger print the comparison process can be very accurate. Bird calls on the other hand are more complex than music. More complex even than human speech. In fact most song birds have not one but two sets of vocal chords! And not only does every bird species have a repertory of sounds - no two birds sound alike. Indeed the same species of bird in the same area can have different dialects.

Then there is the problem of the iPhone microphone, its just not up to the job of isolating a bird song from background noise. For that you need a special parabolic mic and a high gain amplifier with filters to remove noise. There are other reasons that make this difficult that are fairly technical So while we expect someday this will be feasible for now its remains on the wish list for great ideas.

Will there ever be a day that an iPhone or some device figures out a bird from its song? For sure, but its not going to be anytime soon.
I Found a typo - what should I do?
Our goal with the iBird product line is to make it perfect and we work very hard to fix any inaccuracy or editing mistake. We would very much appreciate if you could send us anything you believe is incorrect or misstated. Please use this link: Contact Us
Why are Some birds missing photos and sounds?

We continue to add to iBird's complement of photos, sounds and illustrations. If you are a photographer we would be happy to consider adding your images to iBird. You can find out our requirements for photos at this link: Photo Submission Page

Where Did the Data for iBird Come From?
The data for iBird comes from the search engine at our web site The search engine can be found at this link: WhatBird Search Engine. This site has an even more powerful search enginethan the one in iBird. It uses a special algorithm that makes it very easy to identify a bird. And if you still are having trouble there is an active forum of bird experts and you can ask any of these experts to help you ID a bird. Here is a link to the forum: WhatBird Forum
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