iBird Revision History
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Known Bugs as of Feb 21, 2010
Large number of notes can give error when emailing. Birdipedia in Regions and Backyard gives error.

iBird Plus Only 2.3 Features (PRO, Plus and iBird 15 only) - Feb 2, 2010
  1. You can now UPGRADE iBird Plus to iBird PRO for the difference in price. Uses "in-app" purchase. Please update your iBird Plus to enable this capability.
  2. You now backup and restore Notes and Favorites. (Coming soon to version 1.8.4 of iBird soon).
  3. Fixed Birdipedia to use the newest wiki template.
iBird 1.8.4 Features
  1. Shaking the device picks a random bird and plays its song. Shake twice to do it again.

  2. Family sort on Browse page now has switch: Taxonomic / Alphabetic.

  3. Multiple vocalizations for certain bird species. We currently only have these birds set up: American Robin, Blue Jay, Black-capped Chickadee, but more are coming. More will be added soon.

  4. Registration. There is a new registration page that comes up the 3rd time iBird is started. This can be skipped by clicking Never, made to appear Later, or submitted now. All we ask for is where you heard about iBird and in exchange we offer a free gift that birders love.
  5. The gift if you register iBird is we’ll send you a coupon for a free 6-month subscription to the WhatBird.com Make-a-Guide, a cool web based system, which lets you design and build custom field guides. You can see more about it here: http://www.whatbird.com/registration/mag/make-a-guide.aspx
  6. 14 new search attributes plus all attributes are grouped in related areas. As you can see below, Body Related, Flight Related, etc.
  7. Includes new search by patterns. Here is search by back, belly and breast pattern.
  8. Example of the breast pattern search values.
  9. Includes new search by weight, length and wingspan.
  10. Example of search by length interface.
  11. The Taxonomic sort switch has been simplified to an ON OFF switch. The default is now sort alphabetically, tap the switch to put it in taxonomic mode.
  12. There is a new Compare iBird Apps menu item in the More screen. See how iBird compares to the other major birding apps.

Fixed Speices with following Issues
  1. Abert's Towhee – Added a new background for this bird.
  2. American Three-toed Woodpecker - Fixed problem with the feet and toes.
  3. Black-backed Woodpecker - changed 4 toes to 3 toes.
  4. Black-crowned Night-Heron - new background, corrected legs and feet
  5. Common Eider - Complete makeover of this species body posture and coloring of the dresserie race.
  6. Common Loon - Fixed background.
  7. Common Moorhen - fixed feet, toes were too long.
  8. Eurasian Wigeon - redid entire illustration so bird is standing instead of floating, fixed flight, fixed color which lacked gray in back and sides.
  9. Great Cormorant - completely redrew the illustration to be more accurate, colors etc.
  10. King Eider - removed blue cast from head
  11. Northern Gannet - completely redrew the body posture and fixed the coloring of the head.
Added Four New Hawaiiam "Introduced" Species
  1. Chesnut-bellied Sandgrouse
  2. Erckel's Frankolin
  3. Gray Frankolin
  4. Red Junglefowl
Added 202 photos from these new photographers
  1. Chris Knudson
  2. Chris Zink
  3. Dan McManus
  4. E.J. Elithorpe
  5. George A. Housley Jr.
  6. Hilke Breder
  7. James Stephens II
  8. Keith Bauer
  9. Kent Rea
  10. Laura Staley
  11. Lisa Williams
  12. Lois Miller
  13. Nick Saunders
  14. Peter Dunn
  15. Peter LaTourrette
  16. Robert Burnett
  17. Robert Dromgoole
  18. Robert Van Wagner
  19. Tom Grossman
Additional birds added to State and Province

Whatbird had 18,353 locations listed for the birds in the database.  We added 8,749 locations.

We used official state checklists and Avibase as our reference (among other internet resources and books). Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over 4.5 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more.

This site is managed by Denis Lepage and hosted by Bird Studies Canada, the Canadian copartner of Birdlife International. Avibase has been a work in progress since 1992. These checklists are based on the best information available at this time. They are based on a wide variety of sources.

iBird Plus 1.6.1 Features - May 2, 2009

Stability - Eliminated all crashing. Fixed memory leak bug and compiled for OS 2.2.1 to improve stability.

Hawaii Native Birds - Added 23 New Hawaii Native birds and 36 new illustrations (find by using Location = Hawaii Native).

New Photos - Added over 100 new photographs from professionals Bryan Stone, Charlie Banks, Cindy Marple, Michael C. Moore, Steve Dimock, David Speiser and Lloyd Spitalnik.

Family Organization - Reorganized Families to correspond to the "Check-list of North American birds", the official source on the taxonomy of birds found in North and Middle America, including adjacent islands. This list is produced by the North American Classification Committee (NACC), an official committee of the American Ornithologists' Union.(iBird 1.5 was previously aligned with National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, 4th Edition).

Favorites and Flickr - The features Favorites and Flickr are now enabled for all versions of iBird.

Live audio for Search by Song (Pro only) - The names of songs and calls in search by song now play the sound so you know what words like "Prattle- Chatter" or "Rattle-Gutteral" actually sound like.

French names - Added option for French common and family names formerly only in Pro to also be in Plus and Canada.

Glossary - Completely updated and overhauled the Glossary. Added search attribute definitions.

iBird Plus 1.5.0 Features - March 16, 2009

Favorites - Checklist feature allows adding any species to a Favorites screen. Favorites can then be sorted, deleted, etc.

Flickr - Tapping a button on the species page opens the species photo page at Flickr so you see literally thousands of photos for every bird. For example the American Goldfinch has over 11,000 photos.

Smaller Application - Size of the iBird app has been reduced by 60MB.

Note: - New features Favorites and Flickr are enabled from the iPhone settings (the gear icon). Scroll to the bottom, find the iBird Plus app, tap and turn on the features.

iBird Plus 1.4.1 Feature - Feb 18, 2009

13 New Species Illustrations - Acadian Flycatcher Spring, Acadian Flycatcher Summer, Acorn Woodpecker Female, Acorn Woodpecker Juvenile, Alder Flycatcher 1st Fall, American Coot Juvenile, American Golden-Plover Juvenile, American Golden-Plover Winter, American Pipit Winter, Anhinga Female, Aplomado Falcon Juvenile, Bald Eagle Juvenile.

New Screens - Glossary, Help and More... More takes you to a new page that has Twitter and About.

Color Primary Attribute
- Renamed and improved the way that the Color attribute works so about one third of a bird's body area must show a color to be included. Now when you search for red birds all the birds returned are clearly red.

New Color Secondary Attribute - Created a new Color attribute called Color Secondary. This attribute contains all the colors of a bird that are only minor. If you use Color Primary for your first choice and then Color Secondary for your second, your changes of identifying the bird by color are way higher than before.

Color Any or All Switch
- Allows you to search for ANY colors (logical OR) or ALL colors (logical AND). Meaning if you select the colors Black and Red, with the switch set to ANY iBird will match birds that have either Black OR Red color which will be many. If the switch is set to ALL iBird matches birds that have both Black AND Red which will be fewer. Use the All switch only when you are confident of the colors. The default for the switch is ANY. Keep in mind that iBird "remembers" your last settings so if you have it set to ALL it will remain set to ALL until you change it.

Sheen or Iridescence
is a new Color search value that allows you to search for birds that have a sheen color - purple, green, etc. or an iridescence, such as found on hummingbirds gorgets.

Additional Photos - 1,700 total photos from professional photographers, photos labeled with heading instead of file name.

Family Search improved
– You no longer have to scroll all the birds to find the families. When you switch to Family on the Browse page you will see a list of just the families. You scroll though the list to find the one you wish and then click it to see the birds it contains. You can still search by family on the search page.

Alternative illustrations and photos – if there are additional illustrations of alternate plumages or multiple photos a number appears before the button "Bird" and "Photo". For example 2 Birds means there is an addition bird variation below the primary illustration. Which means there are two additional illustrations and Photos (6) which means there are 6 photos.

Remembers Location – a new Settings switch lets you fix your location to a particular state. You can turn this off in the Settings area of the iPhone or Touch.

Audio controls
– you can now start and stop songs. When you stop a song the check mark is cleared.

Birdipedia – no longer leaves the application when selected.

Help tab
– there is now a Help button which brings up iBird help These web pages formatted for iPhone and we will continuously update them.

Glossary tab - there is now a button which brings up the Whatbird glossary where you will find definitions of the most common bird terminology.

Illustrators – "See your illustration here" message for anyone interested in drawing art for iBird.

Photo Credits
- every photo shows the photographer name and copyright notice.

Twitter - a mini iBird blog to keep you informed of events related to the iBird product, such as new updates, events, free offers, etc. The iBird app "follows" this Twitter account which we will keep updated. It does not have any "followers" since that would clutter it up but you can send messages via your own Twitter account and we will read them. Just send your direct message to @ibirdexplorer. We will respond to you directly or to the group if its relevant to all iBird users.

Latin name color change - The Latin names are now colored brown so as not to confuse them with hyperlinks.

General button now called Birds - and when there are additional illustrations you see a number like "2 Birds" so you know to scroll down.

Meet the iBird Team - new button on the About page tells you all about the people behind the product.

Easter Egg - There is a really cool new feature that is hidden - the only hint we will give is that it's on the browse page.

iBird Plus 1.1.2 - Dec 20, 2008

iBird Plus 1.1 - Dec 6, 2008