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How to Upgrade Plus to Pro
Tap on new Home page icon
How to Use the Home Page

UPGRADING. The iBird Home page contains icons representing the applications you own or can purchase from the Mitch Waite Group.

1. An icon with NO badge means you own that app and it is on your device.
2. An icon with a green dollar sign badge means you can upgrade to that version of iBird.
3, An icon with a blue FREE icon means you can download the app from the app store for free.

So in the above example iBird Plus is owned and can upgraded to iBird PRO. When the upgrade is complete the iBird PRO icon will be on your home page along with the iBird Plus icon. It's important to understand that while you now have upgraded to iBIird PRO the home page of your device will still show the iBird Plus icon. The rest of this screen describes the features of iBird PRO and how to upgrade to it from Plus. When done reading you can purchase the upgrade by tapping the button at the bottom of this page.

IBIRD PRO is designed to satisfy the demanding needs of advanced birders and professional naturalists. Its features are related to more sophisticated searching and identification, as well as content in the area of conservation and ecology. Besides its extra features the ultimate growth path for Pro is different than Plus; it will focus on very advanced features such as camera reality augmentation, photo and audio recording, journaling and computer aided identification. Some of the features of iBird Pro not found in iBird Plus are described below.

Search by Song or Pattern
search by song Search by Song narrows a list of birds by the characteristic of its song or call. There are 14 different song types, including buzz, honk, hoot, melodic and so on. So for example selecting Hoot-Hooting only matches those species which produce that type of song or call. This is not just Owls.
Search by Observed State/Month
searh by state month The standard search criteria for finding if a bird is in your state or province is called Location. It provides a fairly good list of birds that are found or pass through a location any time of the year. However when you need to know if a bird is in a location at a certain time of the year, searching by Observed State/Month provides that.
Search by Length, Weight, Wingspan
searh by state month iBird PRO has three special search attributes - search by length, weight and wingspan. They all use this interface control which allows precisely dialing a measurement range. With this feature you can explore which birds have the largest wingspans, lightest weight, etc.
Search by Breast, Belly, Back Pattern
searh by state month iBird Plus allows you to search by head pattern. To that the PRO product adds search by breast, bellow and back pattern. As you can see here the patterns may be barred, mottled, scaled, solid spotted or striped. Pattern can be a particularly useful search characteristic among birds of prey such as Owls, Hawks and Falcons which have much barring in there breast feathers.
Search by Eye, Leg, Forehead, Cere, Throat and Nape Color
searh by state month iBird Plus allows you to search by primary, secondary and crown color which are very useful attributes. iBird PRO adds the additional ability to search by the colors of the eye, leg, forehead, cere, throat and nape. Having these colors available for searching further improves the odds of getting a correct identification in the field.
Search by Tail Shape
searh by state month iBird Plus allows you to search by wing shape and fight pattern. iBird PRO adds the addtional tail shape attribute. Since the tail of a bird in flight is very distinctive it can be an extremely valuable way to identify birds in flight. There are fan-shaped, forked, notched, pinted rounded, square and unique tai shapes for this attribute.
Search by Conservation Status
Search by Conservation Status lets you narrow a list of birds based on the ecology of the species. You can list birds which are endangered, extinct, etc. The species page of the Pro version of iBird contains an associated tab called Ecology which provides a description of the conservation accessment according to the ICUN Red book.
Ready to Upgrade Plus to Pro
If you are ready to upgrade iBird Plus to iBird Pro tap the button below and follow the instructions. Note: No download is required.

A purchase button with the price in it should appear. If it does not appear it means you don't have an internet connection. To make an upgrade you must be connected to the Internet through either a cellular or WIFI signal. Check you can see bars indicating a cell network is available or the wireless icon that indicates a wifi network is available.